How to install and use two whatsapp apps in one phone

By | April 7, 2017

Use Two whatsapp accounts in one mobile

Hello Friends! Are you in trouble that how to install two whatsapp apps in a mobile. Don’t worry I will solve your problem today. The method of installing two whatsapp accounts is very simple. There are very methods of installing two whatsapp apps in one phone. First of all we try to understand that how can two whatsapp accounts work in one phone. Guys, for using two whatsapp accounts, you have to install a official whatsapp messenger and a third party whatsapp application. There are many third party apps by which you can use two whatsapp accounts. GB whatsapp, Disa app, lines for whatsapp are some third party apps to run two whatsapp accounts in one phone. I am describing all methods in detail. Follow them

By Using GB Whatsapp

GB whatsapp is the best method to use two whatsapp apps. I also use GB whatsapp and it works perfectly without any error. Let us understand about GB whatsapp

What is GB Whatsapp?

GB whatsapp is a alternate third party app of whatsapp. It is a modified app of official whatsapp messenger and has many more features than whatsapp. In GB whatsapp there is no limit of status posting and many more features like this. So first we discuss about its features.

Features of GB whatsapp

  1. No limit of words on posting status.
  2. HD image sharing and HD video calling.
  3. All features of official whatsapp messenger.
  4. Looking more cool than official whatsapp.
  5. No ban by official whatsapp servers. Use with freedom.

You have already seen its features. Now lets understand how to install it

  1. First of all download GB whatsapp app from below button.
  2. After download, install it in your android phone.
  3. After successfully installed, open it and verify your mobile number (same as whatsapp).
  4. Enjoy two whatsapp accounts without any difficulty.

By using Disa app

There is a new app released on internet named disa app which is a whatsapp alternate app. This method is new and very good method. Disa app works like a whatsapp app and has many same features. So lets know about Disa app

What is Disa app?

Disa is a social messenger app for android phone. You can add and manage multiple social accounts like facebook and whatsapp. Lets know about Disa app features

Features of Disa app

  1. Manage your multiple social accounts like facebook, whatsapp etc.
  2. Gives all features of your additional social app.
  3. It is a legal app and use it hasslefree.

How to use Disa app for multiple whatsapp accounts

  1. Download Disa app from below button.
  2. After download disa app, install it in your mobile.
  3. After successfully installed open it and add whatsapp account.
  4. Now open whatsapp account and verify your mobile number.
  5. You have successfully installed two whatsapp accounts i.e, (i) your official whatsapp (ii) whatsapp in disa app.

BY using  2lines for whatsapp

2lines is also good app like Disa app. The difference b/w 2lines and Disa app is that you need a rooted android mobile to run 2lines. 2lines is the oldest and best method for rooted phones.

What is 2lines?

2lines is a android app which can add multiple whatsapp accounts in your phone. It is like disa app but requires root permission. If your mobile is not rooted follow above 2 methods to run multiple whatsapp accounts.

How to run whatsapp accounts with 2lines

  1. First of all download 2lines for whatsapp.
  2. After download, install it.
  3. After successfully download, install it in your mobile and open it.
  4. It will ask you to give root permission. Give 2lines to access root.
  5. Click on add a line for whatsapp.
  6. Verify your mobile no.
  7. You can run multiple whatsapp accounts in your phone through this method.

I have described all best methods to run multiple whatspp accounts. All methods are good but Disa app is recommended by aj because it works without root and has many features.


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