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By | March 21, 2017


Many people want to make a blog or free website. The making of website is now becomes very easy thing. The purpose of website making of all persons is different. Many peoples make website to promote their business and many want to earn money from internet. WordPress is the best platform for all types of website because it doesn’t requires any coding or html languages. So people make WordPress hosting as their first choice.

The cost of WordPress hosting is very high. The beginners who are going to try WordPress hosting can’t give so high rates of hosting. There are many websites provide free hosting but they don’t give the feature of one click WordPress installation.

So beginners are in a huge problem. I promise you your problem will solve here. You will learn about a hosting provider that provides free hosting along with one click WordPress installation named hosting. I am telling you free guide to do free hosting with Hostinger and how to install WordPress in Hostinger.

How to sign up for free hosting in Hostinger: Sign up for free web hosting in Hostinger is a very simple task. Just follow below steps. Remember one person can make only one free hosting account. For more hosting accounts you can upgrade your hosting plan. Use my below link to sign up for Hostinger at a special discounted price of Rs.179 per month.

How to signup for hostinger to make a free website :

1. Open this link: Signup for Hostinger now.

2. Click on get started. make free webhosting with hostinger


3. Click on order. 


4. Click on checkout now. 


5. Click on create new account. 


6. Fill up your name, email address and password and click on create new account or signup with Facebook or google. 


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