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By | March 25, 2017

must have java appsBest Java apps | Must have applications for every java phone

Hello Friends! Welcome to our website where we provide all important tips & tricks of pc and mobile. Although a high percentage of people is using smartphones but some people still using java phones? Java phones are liked by everyone at that time. Everybody wanted java phones because you can use many applications in java mobiles. But when android launched the popularity of java mobiles is decreasing. Now only few people are using java mobiles. The price of java phones is also decreasing from few years and now it is very cheap. For android users there are a lot of application available on Playstore. You can easily search for an application and install it. But finding a good application for java is still now a difficult task. But now don’t worry because I am giving you a full list of all important java apps which will make your mobile useful like an android mobile.

There are many java apps available on internet. In which few of them are useful we are only providing useful apps which are must for every phone. These apps will be very useful for you. Some java apps are also available for android phones they are being downloaded for android phones they are being downloaded for android like opera mini. A list of all important apps is given below after that the description of all apps is also given with their features. We believe that you will love all these apps because these are the best java apps to be downloaded in every java phone.

List of best top java apps

  1. Operamini
  2. Binu
  3. Oxford Dictionary
  4. Facebook for every phone
  5. Google Maps
  6. Pico mail
  7. UC browser
  8. Newshunt
  9. Advanced file manager
  10. Live cricket score

Detailed description and features of top 10 best java mobile apps


1. Operamini

Opera mini is internet browser which is considered as best browser for java phones. More than 70 % java mobiles use Operamini browser. It is a built in browser Operamini browser. It is a built in browser of many phones. When I use java mobile. I liked Operamini very much. It is the favorite browser of many java users as well as many android and windows mobile users. It gives very high speed in browsing and saves a lot of internet data usage. If you are looking for a browser for your java phone. Install its latest version 8.0 which is best among all versions.

Features of Opera mini 8.0

  1. Saves up to 90 % data usage.
  2. Speed dial page for important sites.
  3. Background downloading with resume support.
  4. Supports multi tab browsing.
  5. Supports maximum websites.
  6. Private incognito browsing function.
  7. You can save pages for offline read.

Requirements: Java MIDP (touch or type phone).

2. Binu

Binu is the most useful app for every phone. It is must for every java user. It is an all in one app. Binu app contains latest Hindi and English news app, sports news app, many books in many languages. Besides it tells live weather, twitter app, search engines and many more. When I found it on internet and install it in my phone. I was shocked to see so many amazing features in an app. You must install this app if you are a java phone user. It fulfills many needs of android phone. We are giving the quick features of Binu app.

Features of Binu app:

  1. Binu app built with India’s news app for latest news in many languages including Hindi & English.
  2. It provides sport app for latest sports news and live score.
  3. Includes Binu social app for add friends and do chat with them.
  4. Access to twitter app
  5. Includes News & Blogs app for all types of latest News
  6. Weather app for live weather report.
  7. Contains books app to read books in many languages including Hindi and English.

3. Facebook

Facebook its name is only need to say. Everybody is the best social networking website. Many people like Facebook application in android, windows and IOS phones. Facebook app also works in java phones. It works very fast in all java mobiles even at very slow internet speed. Facebook app for java uses very less data. Newsfeed, profile, chat, pages everything works in Facebook app. Facebook java app has very good user experience than website. To download Facebook app for any java phone just open in your mobile and click on download Facebook app for your phone.

Features of Facebook java application:

  1. Views all photos in news feed and profiles.
  2. Zoom supported in photos.
  3. Home button to manage your pages.
  4. Instant chat messaging tab.
  5. A button to manage friend requests.
  6. Manage notifications from home.
  7. Manage groups from home by clicking on group’s button.

4. UC Browser

UC browser is a very fast browser like Operamini. UC browser is faster than any other browser of java mobile. UC Browser has many features like Operamini. UC browser also saves up to 70% data. UC browser has a special feature of short codes by which you can do many actions by clicking shortcut buttons. The downloading is very good in UC browser. Bookmarking function to bookmark favorite bookmarks. Save pages for offline view. Bookmarks sync with all your devices. Cloud download function to save files to your cloud. Multi tabs browsing etc.

Features of UC browser:

  1. Multi tab browsing
  2. Saves up to 90% mobile data.
  3. Many shortcuts functions to use it easily.
  4. Speed dial page contains many useful sites.
  5. Bookmark function to bookmark pages.
  6. View pages in offline by saving them for offline use.
  7. Multi tab browsing feature.

5. Google Maps

Google maps is very good app by google. It is same as google map android app and has many features like android app. It is very useful app special when you are travelling to anywhere. Google maps will help you a lot to find right way to go anywhere.

Features of google maps java application

  1. Zoom function to view ways clearly.
  2. Change map view to satellite view and satellite view to map view by pressing 2.
  3. Search option to search for any place in map.
  4. Show traffic option to view traffic of roads and highways.
  5. Get directions options to get directions to reach anywhere.
  6. Favorite’s option to save favorites places in a list.
  7. Views all houses and places by zoom.

6. Oxford English dictionary

English Hindi dictionary is a helpful education app for java mobiles. Dictionary helpful for all to understand words. Oxford dictionary will help you a lot to find meaning of any word. Oxford dictionary will tell you detail of any English word with sentence example. Dictionary app is very useful for students, teachers, and writers. You can download it by searching for oxford dictionary app for java in google.

Features of Oxford dictionary English app:

  1. All important English words meanings are given.
  2. Auto suggest function when you type.
  3. Dictionary words list sorted by a-z.
  4. Works fully offline.

7. Picomail

Picomail is an app which receives your mails and manages your mails from multiple accounts. Picomail is very useful application for everyone. You can read all your emails from any account. Picomail is useful for students, businessmen’s and for those who opens mail in PC daily. Picomail supports pop, imap, and webmail. Picomail automatically imports settings of incoming and outcoming server. Just add your mail to Picomail and type your password. You will receive all your mails in Pico mail. Pico mail java app also works as file manager. It can also store contacts. Many functions in an app.

Features of Picomail app:

  1. Receive your mails instantly in your mobile.
  2. Also views your images of your mail
  3. Simple to use.
  4. List all folders of your mail account.
  5. Setup any account with username and password only.
  6. Many more functions than a mail app.

8. Newshunt

Newshunt is a very popular android app luckily available for java mobiles also. Newshunt java app is a very good news reading app which is available for many languages. Newshunt app will provide you all latest news to your hands. Newshunt uses very less data and also works in slow internet speed. National, International, regional, sports and cinema all types of latest news available on Newshunt app. Newshunt is considered as best application of java mobiles. Many users of android and windows mobiles also uses Newshunt.

Features of Newshunt app:

  1. Newshunt provide all latest news.
  2. Latest news is available in many languages on Newshunt.
  3. All types of news like national, international, politics, cinema and sports is available.
  4. Works smoothly in slow internet connection.

9. Advanced file manager

Advanced file manager is a java app to manage your phone memory and memory card. Advanced file manager app is very good file manager. It has many functions like cut, copy, paste, edit etc. It works like an android mobile file manager. You can view RAR and zip files in this file manager. This is very good app. We can say that this application is must for every java phone. You can download advanced file manager from below link.

Features of Advanced file manager:

  1. Cut and paste feature to move content between phone memory and your card.
  2. Copy your files between phone and memory card.
  3. You can open and view RAR files.
  4. Mark option to select multiple files.
  5. Works without any internet connection.

10. Cricbuzz

Cricbuzz app is very famous android app. Did you know that Cricbuzz app is also available for java phones? Get all latest scores and latest news in your mobile. Cricbuzz app works in slow internet speed and gives live cricket score. This app will give you all latest updates about cricket. Each ball English commentary writes for every ball. Cricbuzz will give you latest tweets of famous cricketers.

Features of Cricbuzz app:

  1. Every news of cricket is available.
  2. Provide latest news of cricket.
  3. Each ball commentary is available.
  4. Very fast updates of cricket scores.
  5. International and national both types of news is available on Cricbuzz.

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