YouTube vs Dailymotion | Is Dailymotion better than YouTube to monetize money

By | April 16, 2017

youtube vs dailymotion monetization

YouTube and Dailymotion both are the topmost video websites. So today we will discuss which is better for monetization b/w YouTube vs Dailymotion. Many people want to make money from video sharing websites like YouTube, dailymotion and vimeo. Some peoples want to know the monetization methods. So today there is a battle b/w youtube vs dailymotion.

Although youtube is the world no. website with alexa rank of 2. But dailymotion also lets earn money. We are describing here that how can you earn money from youtube and dailymotion. The methods of monetization of both these websites are described step by step below.

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Monetization methods to earn money from youtube and dailymotion:

How to monetize money from youtube:


Youtube offers partner program for money monetization. This program lets you earn money by showing ads on your website. It is the only program of monetization from youtube. To earn money from this program, you needs a google account. After signing in open your creator studio and upload videos. Youtube will show ads on your videos. It pays you money when someone clicks on ads according to cpc rates. The cpc rates of different keywords are different.

Note: According to youtube new policy, you needs 10000 views to monetize your videos. It means it wont pay you money until you reach first 10000 views of your videos.

Youtube pays about $1 – $5 for per 1000 views. The cpc rates at beginning is always low. But your cpc rates will increase as your subscribers and video views increase. The cpc rates are different in different countries.

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Methods of earning money from dailymotion


Dailymotion is becoming popular day by day for monetization. The method of earning money from it is pretty different from youtube . It offers two types of programs for monetization i.e, partner program and publisher program. Both programs are free to join for everyone. The methods of earning money from these methods are described below

 How to earn money from dailymotion partner program:

Dailymotion partner program is like youtube partner program. But the cost per click rates are not better than youtube. To earn from partner program, signup at dailymotion for free. After signup, upload videos. Remember, you can’t earn from copyright videos. Otherwise it wont let you earn money. Like youtube, dailymotion displays ads on your videos and share revenue between you and dailymotion. You will get 70% revenue from the ads displaying on your videos. You will get paid when your threshold amount reaches 100$.

How to earn from dailymotion publisher program:

Dailymotion publisher program is another program for monetization. This program is for those who have their own website. This program is not available in youtube now. It is also a good program for monetization, if you have your own website. To earn from publisher program, you must have a website. You will have to fill a form with your website link to apply for publisher program. To apply sign in to your dailymotion account, if you don’t have an account you can signup for free from dailymotion website. After signing in fill the publisher form. Dailymotion employees will review your website and if your website meets their criteria, you will get approved.

After approval, you can earn money from others videos by embedding them on your site and social media. dailymotion will share approx half revenue with you.

Youtube vs dailymotion monetization: which is best to earn huge money

Probably youtube is the best method for full time earnings. But dailymotion offers you to earn money from others videos but youtube don’t provide such option. Here are the complete advantages and disadvantages of these video sharing websites.

Youtube vs dailymotion monetization | Conclusion

  1. If you don’t record your own videos but you have a website then you can earn from dailymotion. But you can’t earn from youtube through your website.
  2. Dailymotion is the best option for beginners because they can share others videos to earn money.
  3. Dailymotion pays you from your 1st video view but youtube starts paying after 10000 video views. So dailymotion is better for beginners.
  4. The cpc rates of youtube are so high because many big publishers publish their ads on youtube.
  5. The cpc rates of youtube at beginning is very low but if you gets some video views then your cpc rates will increase automatically. So the youtube is best option for full time earnings.

Youtube vs dailymotion, the final result is that you should try dailymotion at beginning but youtube is best option for lifetime.

Final Words,

We have completely described the difference that we know about youtube vs dailymotion. If you know more about this feel free to comment. For questions and queries ask your question in the comment field below. If you find this helpful please share it with your friends and relatives. For more useful posts, bookmark us. Follow us on facebook, twitter and youtube. For more crazy tips and tricks always visit Thanks!

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  1. Mohit Prasad

    Can I use creative content in YouTube. Publish other YouTube videos which license are not standard which are reuse license can I get approved from YouTube by this method.

    1. admin Post author

      you can publish them but you can’t monetize money from those videos.


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